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'13 Memories | February 19th - At Nick Grimshaw’s Annual Award Season Dinner

'13 Memories | February 19th - At Nick Grimshaw’s Annual Award Season Dinner

nicholasgrimshaw: top 5 roast dinners of all time

nicholasgrimshaw: top 5 roast dinners of all time

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a psychologist explains why harry is so fit


Someone asked me to make a list of all the times Harry was interviewed by Nick Grimshaw and the times Harry was on Nick’s radio shows. Here ya go!

  1. Premiere of Gotta Be You- (Scott Mills show)early Gryles flirting… this was back in 2011!!!

  2. Going Home Song- (Greg James show) my name is Harry and I’m going hooooooooooooome. 

  3. Valentine’s Day 2012- (Night Time show) featuring Alexa Chung and cute Valentine Day messages to the listeners.

  4. Call or Delete- (Night Time show) where Grimmy confesses his love for Harry to their mutual friend Sam Teasdale, plus multiple other prank calls.

  5. Harry introducing Nick’s link- (Night time show) back when Harry practically lived in the BBC studios. 

  6. Harry introducing Spector’s new single- (Night Time show) Spector only let Grimmy premiere his single on his show if Harry was the one introducing it. 

  7. Harry talking to Nick in May 2012 [part 2/part 3]- (Night Time show) I don’t know why he was on the show but it’s really cute because they talk about Harry finally coming home (after the Up All Night Tour). Harry also clears up some rumors. 

  8. Grimmy’s last night time show- (Night Time show) featuring a Q&A about Grimmy with all of Nick’s friends and karaoke with Example. 

  9. Itunes Festival- (4music) Featuring Annie Mac and all of 1D. 

  10. Grimmy’s first show as the host of Radio 1’s Breakfast show- (breakfast show) contains adorable sleepy Harry, listen at your own risk. 

  11. Teen awards announcement- (Scott Mill’s show)featuring all of One Direction and Scott Mills, includes a story about Harry getting squirted by a water gun!?!?

  12. LADS FM- (special show for the Teen Awards)two hours of these idiots hosting a radio show, this is just their talking bits.

  13. Surprising Finchy- (Breakfast show) the one where Harry calls in to set the record straight that Matt Fincham does not look like Louis, bonus jealous Grimmy after Finchy and Harry make plans without him.
  14. Call or Delete(Breakfast show) this time Grimmy tries to prank call Harry but Harry ruins his plan. 

  15. Post Brits show 2013- (Breakfast show) the morning after the Brits, let’s just say they were still a little tipsy. 

  16. Ke$ha- (Breakfast show) Harry’s speed date with Ke$ha and Nick Grimshaw as their match maker. 

  17. #SpongeDirection (bonus clip)- (Breakfast show) Grimmy interviews Zayn, Liam, and Harry about This is Us and brings along some cake. 

  18. Access All Areas - (Breakfast show) Harry interrupts Nick show by calling in for approximatley 2 seconds. 

  19. Post Brits Show 2014- (Breakfast show) Nick calls Harry the day after the Brits, Nick is very drunk and Harry is on the way to the airport with his parents. 

  20. Call or Delete with the 1975 - (Breakfast show) Matty Healy tries to prank call Niall Horan but he doesn’t pick up. So he calls Harry instead and asks to borrow 5 grand. 

'13 memories | September 17, 2013 - Fashion Show East in London

'13 memories | September 17, 2013 - Fashion Show East in London