Just a girl a bit obsessed with Nick Grimshaw, Harry Styles and the terrible fondness they have for each other.

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Radio 1 Breakfast Show - 8.10.14

Nick: And then also it says under there “kiss Harry”.

Matt: It’s very much your hand writing… And words you’re very used to writing down before. You’ve written that phrase quite a few times haven’t you?


"Why don’t you tell the good people how you treat me when I’m broadcasting on BBC Radio 1?"

"Um, I usually throw things. And present things. And make your mic move away from your face."


"Do wanna run them through what you like to do when you come into the radio?"

"So the main thing is—"

"There’s a few things." 

"I’d say there’s like…one thing. His microphone is on, like, these strings, and there’s some weights at the other end of the room, and I usually pull them and it means that his mic, like, moves up so he can’t —"

"So I can’t actually talk."